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WHY Do You Need API?

What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) fundamentally is that which allows your service or product to communicate with other services or products. It is the highway of data exchange—internal and external. In other terms: API is a door into a software program, allowing...

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Big Data Use Cases

We already know that big data analytics is simple and easy to gain insights. Strategically, enterprises use big data to “work” for them in myriad ways. Business use cases highlight how big data can drive organizations towards tangible results. These use cases are practical points of...

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A Guide to Evaluate your Big Data Needs

Big data will help solve your problems and analytics will open a world of possibilities. But use it unwisely, and it'll leave you dazed with its sheer volume. Your precious data tools will be rendered useless even as you face a data deluge and don't know...

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Big data in Science

Rapidly making in-roads into the scientific research domain, the potential of big data in advancing research is undeniable. Traditionally though, big data has always been used by scientists. Large data sets were used by high-energy particle and nuclear physics. When the Human Genome Project finished mapping...

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Growth Hacking Techniques – Part-2

Growth hacking techniques rely on analytics and data to get better insight. The advantage over competition is more if organic search, SEO, and SEM is right. It is essential for a growth hacker – a specialist in his own right – to be able to answer...

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Growth Hacking | Part – 1

Dropbox did it and so did Airbnb; and quite successfully at that. Both have millions of users today because of what they did. What did they do? They hacked growth - a hybrid of traditional marketing and coding that enables rapid customer acquisition growth. With Growth Hacking,...

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Big Data for Mass Media

House of Cards by Netflix exploded on TV when it aired. Big data helped it gather the audience – and the ratings! – they wanted. Hollywood’s doing it now, as are major networks and media corporations across the world. The question naturally is: how is...

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Structured Data Formats- What to use When

Days of unstructured raw data are blurry as most data-driven companies turn their eyes on to structured data which can be easily imported into their internal systems, read by their machines, and analyzed by their teams to keep cutting the edges. But while you have...

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